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  • Scotty Reynolds

Autumn means a new enough you, or so might go seasonal thinking. Do the in-between hot and cooling temps make August its own fresh start whether one's in or out of school? Can it be that per annum self-check time of year for what should ring true by now in 2022?

Our sounds, sights and feelings of truth, senory to gut, are learned through study and developed by experience, so how do we apply the limits of formal education to the ultimate value of knowing and doing what's right for ourselves and others? Where is your why?

Eight months past any New Year’s resolutions, by now we might know at least what’s not working for the year. With the start of school time – whether we’re in or long-out of a classroom – there’s fast seasonal renewal and, hopefully, the right gut check to go with it.

Have your January intentions and plans changed by now? What has happened in three seasons to help make sense of a year’s fourth? “All things soon change,” said Marcus Aurelius, right? Nearly 2000 years ago in Rome or today, look at your 2022 eight months in and ask what rings true. For better or not enough, no one’s year is the same as it started, so what now?

Are your learning journeys and creative efforts where you wanted them to be? What about your health? Are you sharper than you were in January? Is mind time constructively and positively spent as best you see it? You’re your own learning expert, bottom line. Is your body closer to where you want it? You’re your own trainer.

To both mental and physical efforts come great drain, peaks and valleys, plateaus usually ephemeral. Bedrock and vapors of smoke and mirrors can sometimes be indistinguishable in goal pursuit and attainment. If it’s a lot of sweat, it should be. Keeping the mind honed and work competitive can flat wear anyone out. Success? Well, that's an often harsh word.

What’s played out right going into the fourth season of 2022? What’s going to make it even better? What rationalizations and cop outs have overtaken the best laid plans? What should have happened that didn’t? What were you hoping for that somehow fizzled out? More than anything, what new, unplanned lessons took place that would create new opportunities or better insight?

Soon or slowly, maybe not all things have changed by this point in the year, but some certainly have – hopefully for the better. What truth, hard or pleasing, has been learned and how was it learned? How can it go to the next level of veracity and you? And now, what will you do with it to find your best self moving for a successful finish to the calendar year in this, your own fresh start of this new school year?

Everyone’s a new student in August. Here’s to great starts and finishes.


Next up ~ A bully and a softball throw: Travel back to 1973 to the Presidential Physical Fitness Test and one ten-year-old's experience that would bode a few truths of life. Our mid-September Days of Fall @HbPrep will sprint, tumble and keep going all out for you!

Our Blog Journal is for real, here an now. For learning journeys to way back when, be sure to check out Prep Stories short fiction too! At the four month mark, thanks for staying with us!

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