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August 2022

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Our April to August Early Edition Blog Journal series pays tribute to a few old school legends and truths: a student hero more than a century ago, a 20th century grand slam champion, the best teachers we ever had and what school bells really mean. 

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Late Summer Days @HBPrep

Check out our Early Edition scrapbook pics below.

At Pre-Launch
What Will You Learn?
Action of Purpose
Olympic Gold 1908
John Baxter Taylor
Wherever Roads Lead
She Led by Example
Can't Be Done
Guts and Sweat
Prep Steps
We're Go
What We Are
Only If You Have To
Read It
Trite But True
Get Those Reps
Quiet Gallantry
Your Why
Know Where, Know What Is
Our First Power Up
Not Playing Around
In Season
The Fire Walker

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16 August`22 - Updated Biweekly

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It's All Good
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How much are you doing?
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Is your why bigger than you?
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That Word
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Your Day
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